ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Talent (ICP-TAL)

presented by Johan Prinsloo
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Date :
17 January 2019, 08:00 —
18 January 2019, 17:00
Cape Town, South Africa
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What would a future-fit HR function look like?

The training covers:

Day 1: is an overview of the content

Day 2:  will be a deep dive into the HR processes and certification

Why work with Agility?

Originally applied in software development, the agile movement is working its way into to all the areas and functions of organisations and into all kinds of companies. Agile has become a business revolution. In this fast changing VUCA world, agile enables organisations to quickly and nimbly innovate and meet rapidly changing customer needs.

People are an integral part of the journey to organisational agility. This workshop specifically focuses on the role of HR in guiding and facilitating organisations in becoming agile and unlocking the true potential of the organisation.

The workshop will unpack the theories and practical applications behind agility and assist HR professionals and managers alike with:

  • What characterises the agile mindset and how to change the traditional HR processes?
  • How should HR adapt to create maximum value in an agile organisation?
  • How should recruitment, performance evaluations, learning and development, rewards and compensation look like in an agile organisation
  • What concrete examples are there?
  • How have others done?
  • What works?
  • How can HR use agile technologies like Scrum, and Kanban?

Great emphasis is placed on practical examples and tools that you can use when you get started on your Agile People initiatives.


·         Each paid-up delegate will receive a free copy of the book: “Agile People – A Radical Approach for HR & Managers (That Leads to Motivated Employees)” by Pia-Maria Thorén

·         Delegates who successfully complete the 2-day workshop and post-workshop assignment will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional certification – Agile Talent (ICP-TAL)

·         Evaluation of the last completed training ended upon 4.83 on a 5-point scale.


More about Agile People here:  http://www.agilepeople.se

More about ICAgile and Learning Outcomes here:  www.icagile.com

HR’s Role in an Agile Organisation

How HR can support an agile organisational transformation: Assess the current organisational structure and design a new structure that enables business agility, maximises communication and collaboration within and among teams and enables the flow of value.

Goal setting and performance management in a new way: Appraise current performance management practices and identify ways of bringing Agile thinking to enhance performance, accountability and growth.

Salaries and benefits for an agile organisation: Describe and contrast traditional incentive structures with Agile-friendly structures, discuss the pros and cons of each approach and explain how they could apply them to their own environment.

Job Roles – are they needed in the future? Develop an organisational action plan for role modelling an agile mindset and to build new skills that will enable cross-functional teams.

Employee engagement in an agile manner: Recommend different motivational tools to be applied in a context and describe how the traditional employee engagement survey is changing.

Talent acquisition and the candidate experience: Design a sourcing strategy that can be used to find and acquire the “right” people to support the strategic growth of the organisation taking values, culture, diversity and collaboration into the hiring decision.

Agile learning: Suggest ways to enable and support a learning mindset in a team, supporting the shift from a focus on deficiencies to a focus on development of new skills and capabilities.On-boarding practices for agile companies: Design an on-boarding experience that enables new employees to become a part of the organisation rapidly and smoothly.

Why the agile mindset is HR’s responsibility: Design the talent/people elements needed to help support an Agile transition in an organisation and explain how different contexts can influence the approach to be taken.

The needed changes in the HR core function: Relate how the need for business agility affects the HR function and organisation and how it impacts HR team members’ roles and behaviours.

Practical tools, templates and exercises for HR and managers: How an HR department can work with agile tools and methods, for example with Kanban, Sprints, Scrum and Retrospectives.

Who should attend?

HR Managers

HR Business Partners

HR Professionals

Head of Talent Management

OD Practitioners

Change and Transformation Practitioners

Learning and Development Practitioners

Remuneration Practitioners



Agile coaches

Operational and business managers



Johan is a seasoned people-management consultant and an Associate of next level consulting a Business Agility consulting company. He is a devoted coach and change agent with an understanding of the complexities that modern organisations grapple with. For many years he has been a student of organisations that are successful with people and has a rich history of experimenting with and applying the lessons learnt.

He works to co-create a unique culture, enable leadership and align people-management practices to support the strategy.

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